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Our Services

Investing in property management services is key in a properties success. We help provide the support needed to keep a property running smooth and organized, as well as provide the necessary experience to handle issues that may arise.


Metzger Management can help with single family homes, apartments and commercial properties.


What do we offer to Owners/Investors?


  • Experienced and motivated staff available to handle your property’s needs. 

  • Talk to someone live during normal business hours.

  • 24-Hour Answering Service for Emergencies for all residents.

  • Provide full listing of available rentals to public at no cost.

  • Cost effective advertising to promote your property to get the best results with your advertising dollar.

  • We have extensive knowledge and relationships with various rental housing programs if you choose to accept them at your property.

  • We take care of all accounting needs; including utility bills, mortgage payments, insurance and taxes.

  • We have a reliable list of licensed and insured vendors that we work with regularly to provide owners with affordable maintenance if needed.

  • We handle all tenant screening, move in procedures, property inventories, maintenance requests, and tenant related issues directly in the main office.

  • We take care of all legal matters that may arise at your property. This includes all necessary forms and procedures.

  • We maintain accurate records, provide comprehensive monthly reporting, with year-to-date totals.

  • Knowledgeable staff in constant changing laws and requirements for notices.

  • Online rent payment option- Making it easier for properties out of town or far from our main office.


All management fees vary by property type, location and service needed.

We encourage you to contact us directly for a personal quote for your property.


We look forward to working with you soon!


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