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Tenant Applicant Criteria

*We do not accept comprehensive reusable tenant screening reports.

We are an equal opportunity housing provider.

We fully comply with the Federal Fair Housing Act. We do not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. We also comply with all state and local fair housing laws.

Rental availability policy:

Rental units become available when they are ready to rent. A vacant unit will not be deemed available until it has been cleaned, and prepared for a new resident. We update our list of available rental units as each unit becomes available.

Occupancy guidelines:

To prevent overcrowding and undue stress on plumbing and other building systems, we restrict the number of people who may reside in a unit. In determining these restrictions, we adhere to all applicable fair housing laws.

The following guidelines have been established for renting our living units so that all applicants will receive the same consideration in determining their eligibility.


Applicants must provide:

1. A signed rental application form- False, lack of or misleading information may lead to a denial.

2. Provide Driver’s License and or Social Security Card or Visa/Passport or Government issued photo ID.

3. Nonrefundable application processing fee of $40.00 per adult applicant is required, no personal checks    accepted.

4. An incomplete application will result in denial.

5. A lack of response from the applicant for additional information after the second business day will result in denial.


The following areas of adverse concern will be reviewed for acceptance of residency:

Credit Report:

  • Unpaid accounts from any county, will be considered for denial.

  • All bankruptcies must be discharged or you will be denied.

  • Must have re-established positive credit for 6 months after a bankruptcy. 

  • Added security will be requested with a bankruptcy showing on credit within the past 3 years.

  • Two or more late payments, NSF checks, or notices within a twelve month period could be consideration for denial.

  • Any collection to Landlord/Owner will result in denial if not paid.


Court Records Search:

  • Current or Past Evictions (Unlawful Detainer)- within the last 5 yrs. will be denied paid or unpaid.

  • Unpaid judgments will result in an immediate denial.

  • Criminal History- including Convictions for Theft, Drugs, Assault, Robbery, intent to sell Drugs, and  Sex Offenses etc., and any criminal offense within the past 7 yrs of a violent or physical manner will be consideration for denial.

  • Multiple offenders will be denied no matter what the credit and rental reference shows. History of criminal behavior that may negatively affect tenancy – drugs, sex offense, theft, robbery, assault, active warrants, etc…Determinations as to criminal screening will be made on a case by case basis, after analysis, and will be based on several factors and information. There will be no automatic denials on arrest or criminal convictions.


Rental References:

  • Verifiable rental reference is required.

  • Lack of rental reference could require added deposit if the applicant has good credit.

  • Rental history showing any damages that have not been paid will be denied.

  • You will be denied if a previous manager would not re-rent.

  • If unauthorized persons or pets in a unit rented by applicant were found after move in, then an added deposit would be required.

Income/Employment Reference:

  • Gross Monthly household income must be equal to or greater than two and a half times (2.50) to three (3) times the monthly rent depending on the property. 

  • Verifiable income IS REQUIRED. (Ex. pay stub, social security print out, passport to services etc.) 

  • Paper work must be original, no copies will be accepted.  The last 4 months of pay-stubs is required.

  • Self-employed we will require 1 yrs. tax returns and current business license. Other income may require bank statements or other documentation. 

  • Temporary or seasonal employment will require added deposit or a co-applicant.

  • MUST be at current place of employment 4 months or longer.

  • Military will require proof of allotment.


Payment Options:

Once a rental application is approved, a deposit must be paid in full within 48 hours.

The first month of rent and the deposit must be paid before tenant(s) can take possession of the unit. 

We do not accept personal checks or cash for the first transactions.



Once a rental application is approved, applicant(s) are required to call the appropriate utility company(s) to get service and billing in their name. Metzger Management Company recommends doing this in advance of the lease start date to avoid an interruption of service. On the date of your move in, you will be required to provide proof that utilities (ex. Water, garbage, PG&E) are in the applicant(s) name. Failure to do so may delay your move in.



Some properties do allow pets. An additional deposit is required, current shot record, proof of renters insurance & proof of registration with the city is REQUIRED.

BE ADVISED back-light testing will be conducted once you move out.

Renters Insurance:

Resident is required to maintain renter's liability insurance for the benefit of the Landlord and the Resident throughout the duration of the tenancy as specified below. Resident must provide proof of such insurance to the Landlord on demand. Failure to comply with this requirement is a material violation of this Agreement.

A) Coverage of at least $50,000 in personal liability (bodily injury and property damage) for each occurrence.

B) The rental unit listed in agreement must be listed as the location of the Resident insured.

C) Resident must obtain insurance within 30 days of the inception of the tenancy.



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