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Mike has been involved with Metzger Management Company for over 40 years. His first year Mike was a painter/maintenance man with the company. After a major acquisition he was employed as a Management Supervisor. Once he attained his California Real Estate license in 1985 he later became a partner. After acquiring his Brokers License in 1996 he purchased Metzger Management Company. Mike Guindon has been a Broker for over 25 years.


Contact Mike DRE #00903061:


Direct: 209-956-9024 Ext 100

Nicole Sydnor has been around the property management business since she was a child. She has managed on-site and through the main office for 22 years. She has experience in all size properties, from small single family homes to 100+ multi unit. She worked in the main office as office manager for 7 years before getting her real estate license in 2012. She has extensive experience in tenant screening,  move in procedures, county, state and government programs, and tenant relations. She received her Brokers License in 2021.



Contact Nicole DRE #01911181:


Direct: 209-956-9024 Ext 104

Property Managers

Ana Guindon came to us with 11 years of customer service experience. Working with the public helped her gain many skills that she now incorporates into our business. Experience with on-site management for 18 units+ and also with single family homes and multi-unit communities. She is patient and determined to help owners and tenants have a wonderful experience with our company. Ana is bilingual and is comfortable helping clients who speak both English and Spanish.  


Contact Ana DRE #01959828:

Direct: 209-956-9024 Ext 101

Koryn Johnson is not only one of our property managers but she also runs our main front desk. She is an intricate part of our staff as she handles most of our day to day tasks. Koryn is dedicated to the properties she manages and to making sure any prospective tenants or current tenants are attended to respectfully and attentively. 

Contact Koryn DRE #02049776:

Direct: 209-956-9024 Ext 103

Michael Guindon has experience in construction, maintenance, and on-site management of 18+ units. With over 15 years of knowledge in the field of property management maintenance he is a great asset to our team as a Property Manager.  Michael is committed to ensuring that all of the properties he manages are moving towards their best potential. He also works hard on keeping an open line of communication with all clients and tenants.

Contact Michael DRE #02130579:

Direct: 209-956-9024 Ext 106


Cindy has over 25 years’ experience in office management and book keeping. Her experience includes bank reconciliations for multiple bank accounts, accounts payable administration, billing and accounts receivable functions.  Cindy possesses a history of staff leadership and is the driving force behind Metzger Management.




Contact Cindy:

Direct: 209-956-9024 Ext 102


Norma has more than 20 years’ experience in customer service and Property Management.  She has worked as an on-site manager for several of our properties and is at the core of our office operations.  Norma enjoys working with people,and is very experienced in working with Spanish speaking clientele.  



Contact Norma:

Direct: 209-956-9024 Ext 105


Portraits by @Abraxas579 on Instagram

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